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Workflow Software for Processing Print-on-Demand Products

PURUS is the central element in the automated workflow for the production of photobooks and print-on-demand products. The software processes, monitors, and checks the orders coming in via the internet or on storage media. PURUS is able to directly handle orders (e.g. photobooks or single prints) from different common photo clients such as Imaxel, Taopix, or IPLabs. Other front ends can be connected via plug-ins.

Books can be delivered in SVG format or as individual PDF files. The images in the SVG format books are optimized individually by Viesus™ image enhancement; books in PDF format books are pre-processed by Viesus™. Important parameters such as brightness, contrast, skin tone, red eye effect, and other critical areas of the image are analyzed and selectively adjusted, which enhances and corrects the image data.

Key Features

  • Import of orders via internet or hot folders
  • Monitoring and control of the entire production process
  • Integrated Viesus™ image enhancement
  • Rendering of photobook page layouts with punch marks, barcodes, etc.
  • Processing control via operator consoles at post-processing systems
  • Scalable rendering architecture

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