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 Top employer in Medium-sized businesses 2024

Top employer in Medium-sized businesses 2024

Imaging Solutions was recognized for the first time in the «Top Employer in Medium-Sized Enterprises 2024» category. The award is the highlight of the Yourfirm certification process and names us as one of the 1’000 best employers in medium-sized companies in 2024. Accepting the award means a lot to us in today's job market, because companies with up to 5’000 employees, which represent the backbone of the German/Swiss economy, were taken into consideration. But the «hidden champions” had a comparatively difficult time in the race for specialist staff and managers. Large corporations, personnel service providers and well-known employer brands are always the focus of both public media and career portals. The job exchange for medium-sized businesses has changed this and is exclusive to medium-sized employers and “hidden champions». The fact is: the majority of applicants find medium-sized companies exciting, but are not familiar with potential employers there. With we create more transparency here. In addition to the job exchange and employer search services, they have chosen the «1’000 top employers in medium-sized businesses» every year since 2015. And we are part of it! We pride ourselves on maintaining a trust-based workplace culture. The satisfaction and development of potential of all employees is the focus at Imaging Solutions in order to offer the team added value. Thanks to our progressive and inclusive culture, we not only stand out in the applicant market in times of skilled labor shortages, but at the same time manage to retain employees and bind them to the company through strong identification. Together we are raising the bar for excellent workplace culture in Switzerland and Germany. Ultimately, we believe that everyone deserves an excellent workplace experience.


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