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Multi-Format XY Photo Cutter

All you need to know


Paper Roll Height (inch)
Min. Cut Length (inch)
Paper Thickness (mm)
Max. Photo Prints / h

Trouble with Multi-Format Prints?


Stop Running in Circles!

Multi-format print orders are a challenge for print labs. While they are growing in percentage terms, the current production process is often cumbersome and inefficient. The production and storing of partial print orders before merging and packaging is still widespread. multiCut greatly simplifies the production of multi-format print orders without splitting them underway. The X-cut is controlled by punch marks while the Y-cut is defined by a QR code. Each order is separated through order ident prints.

Combine with other solutions

The multiCut is a cost-effective add-on to the widePrint 12nG line that enables the production of single prints directly from photo paper rolls.

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