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fastCut & Pack

High-Speed Print Cutting and Packing

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Max. cut speed (prints / s)
Envelopes / h (@50 prints/order, 4x6")
Roll width (mm)
Print length (mm)

The Next Generation of High-speed Photo Cutting & Packing


Your Key Benefits

fastCut & Pack is the complete solution for the industrial high-volume photo print cutting with fully automatic envelope packaging. From roll to envelope in just one workstep. This includes cutting from roll, stacking and packing in envelope, closing the envelope, printing an individual identification label and attaching the label, stacking the finished envelope. All processing steps from unwinding to stacking the bags are carried out precisely, fully automatic and in the smallest possible space. fastCut & Pack handles photo paper as well as digital press paper. The fastCut & Pack system is modular and grows with your needs. So its possible to choose between single and four-fold unwinders. The four-fold unwinder includes an automatic splicing station. When one roll is empty, the next roll is automatically brought into position, the paper is spliced and the cutting process continues. Its also possible to add an additional envelope magazine and thus double the capacity of the standard two-fold envelope feeder. The performance of fastCut & Pack is ca. 566 envelopes per hour (50 prints per order) or 361 envelopes per hour (80 prints per order). Up to 80 prints can be packed in one envelope, larger orders are split and distributed over several envelopes.


The core of fastCut & Pack, the cutting module, is available as the stand-alone solution fastCut. The standard version of fastCut includes unwinder, decurler and a packing desk. It can be upgraded with a conveyor belt with 7 order compartments. The 4-fold unwinder can also be attached. The cut and print specifications correspond to those of fastCut & Pack.


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