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fastBlock GraphX

LayFlat Binding for Digital Paper

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Max. Book Block Size (inch)
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LayFlat Commercial Book Binding


LayFlat Binding for Digital Press Paper

From digital press sheet to premium LayFlat bindery products in one work step! The fastBlock GraphX system by Imaging Solutions is a 4-in-1 solution that creates new products and gives competitive edge. LayFlat books, brochures, catalogues and much else are produced with minimum manpower requirements. Same-day finishing and shipping is possible thanks to hot-melt gluing technology.

Combine with other solutions

Suffering from book spines taller than the foredge? The automatic book press by Imaging Solutions solves this issue. It generates a firmer and more compact book spine thanks to homogenous pressing during curing time of the glue, thus saving 1-2 millimeters of block height. Pressure can be set between 60 and 120 kg.

More options

Depending on your workflow, these options are available:

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