Linemark Printing, Inc. installs second Imaging Solutions fastBook Professional 1000 for layFlat book production.


Hier ein interessanter Presseartikel, der von einem unserer Kunden aus den USA veröffentlicht wurde:

Hier ein interessanter Presseartikel, der von einem unserer Kunden aus den USA veröffentlicht wurde:

Upper Marlboro, MD (October 5, 2020) – Linemark Printing has expanded its LayFlat book production lines to include two Imaging Solutions fastBook Professional 1000 binders.
“We installed our first fastBook machine about a year ago to see if it could in fact reduce the manual processes required to make a layflat, while still producing a high-quality book” said Steve Bearden, President. “It did just that and we are moving more production to the format with a second machine.”

The fastBook platform combines many of the normally manual tasks required to produce a LayFlat book while increasing quality and consistency. The equipment installed at Linemark are third generation and leverage barcoding for dynamic set-up and general end-to-end automation.

As noted by David Ashton, EVP/Partner “We are seeing meaningful growth in the LayFlat product and want to fully support our clients needs. First by producing a world class product, then keeping pace with the volume and turnaround expectations. The fastBook is making that possible.”

Linemark has produced one-off, high-quality, custom LayFlat books in the photobook space for about 10 years. Through the Imaging Solutions relationship, Linemark is becoming a major provider of the product to accompany their significant presence in the Photo/Story/Yearbook industry.

About Linemark:

Linemark is an intensely client focused manufacturing company headquartered in a 90,000 square foot building in the Washington, DC / Baltimore corridor. Supporting the print-on-demand and general commercial market, it leverages innovation through the automation of complex manufacturing workflows of numerous printed products.

About Imaging Solutions:

Imaging Solutions AG is a Swiss manufacturer of industrial solutions for photographic printing, image enhancement, canvas print stretching and layflat book binding. Most of the personalized premium layflat books produced worldwide are manufactured with Imaging Solutions fastBook and fastBlock binding machines.

Linemark Partners David Ashton (left) and Steve Bearden with the fastBook Professional machines expanding their layflat book production.