The Impossible Magic of Print on Demand Technology


The Impossible Magic of Print on Demand Technology

Print on demand technology was once the ultimate fantasy of the publishing industry—far too expensive and labour-intensive to ever come true. Today, it’s no longer a dream but a vibrant industry producing better books than even the most innovative publishers once achieved. The sector can produce more vivid resolutions and lasting bindings than ever before. That means you, the consumer, can access the best materials even if you’re only printing a single book.

The Benefits of Print on Demand

Print on demand (PoD) publishing gives you the power to do short, and even one-off, print runs that fit your every whim. Want to create a hardcover trove of memories of your last trip around Europe? That’s easy. Need to build a branded guide for your top investors? That’s not a problem either. You, the end-user, can build an illustrated masterpiece bound in a hot melt, lay-flat binding to suit any need or preference. Not all personalised book publishers are made alike, though.

-1) The Power of Software

Your personalisation process is only as powerful as the software used to achieve it. Even the best printer will fail if the software telling it what to do is bad at its job. A powerful platform will help you to find the best colour match, white base, and vibrancy for your needs. Ease of use matters as well, of course. The average user doesn’t have the knowledge to manage detailed colour profiling, so an intuitive interface is a core element to look for in a printing company.

-2) Image Enhancement

Not every PoD user is a born graphic designer, but not all images emerging from your SD card are print-ready. That creates a massive skill gap, and only a great PoD company can fill it. Look for a publisher who can automate your enhancements on a budget. 

Every personalised product comes at a cost, but on a service-by-service basis, a reputable company will make sure your ultimate product is up to scratch. Many companies charge a low initial outlay in exchange for shoddy bindings and poor prints. Results are as important as the process of laying out your dream book. PoD lets you pay for the result alone, and not the upfront inventory costs.

-3) Variety

Not all PoD companies offer the range to cover your needs. Some only print a limited range of products, while others reserve their services to books alone. Some offer calendars and posters, but not all provide the paper quality you need from those formats.

Look for silver halide paper, particularly if your printing items are for special occasions. It achieves the vivid hues and lasting quality you need in a product you’ll page through many years into the future. Premium materials and software mean a premium result, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay the earth. All you need is a great partner who cares about your experience with their brand.