Preserving the Magic of Memories with Photobook Technology


Memories are the stories of our lives. They remind us of the people we adore and the moments that have made us who we are. They’re more precious than any of the possessions we treasure, but they’re easily lost. Our histories fade and, ultimately, vanish, reducing our once-colourful recollections to black and white. The personalised photobook industry has emerged from the human tendency to forget.

It’s a turbocharged version of scrapbooking, allowing you to look back on your past in living colour. Print-on-demand innovation makes it possible to create true magic out of your memories. The same technology had brought dimension and excitement to the personalised gift industry, whether your niche is business, hobbies, or memorial-related. Today, you can place your wedding memories in a lay-flat, hardcover book.

You can award your staff with a personalized product that brings more meaning than an old-fashioned plaque ever could. You can give your friends a hard-cover “scrapbook” of your trip around the world, all in a high-resolution package. Photobooks tell the story of your daughter’s life from her first steps to her last day in high school. They memorialise your lost loved ones and let you teach your students through customised media. This is the era of “you”, so celebrate it through the finest publishing innovations.

Technology and Your Memories

Personalised photobooks are the kind of product you’ll be paging through over and over again. They need to withstand heavy treatment, so ordinary bookbinding simply won’t do. Traditional glue doesn’t penetrate paper fibres well, and perfect binding creates a weak, bend-resistant spine. The technology is inexpensive, but it turns out that “perfect” binding isn’t as perfect as it seems. Porous paper and impenetrable EVA glue degrade quickly, leaving you with an overly-thick spine and loose pages.

There are better solutions. Premium double-binding is both affordable and lasting. It relies on less glue and withstands pressure on the spine superbly. Better yet, it allows the book to open without forming a gutter, so you see 100% of your image across two pages. Now you can use double-sided photographs without losing inches through the centre. Lay-flat binding does more than just achieve an uninterrupted flow. It preserves the spine and is suited to high volume production, so you can preserve your memories for your entire family or staff complement.

Image Quality

Few images leave your SD card in perfect condition. Some are over-exposed, and others do a poor job with colour tones. Your pictures will probably need a little nipping and tucking, so we use a digital finishing solution that can enhance them in a jiff. The result is a professional aesthetic that’s worthy of your past. Your personalised book will be exquisite enough to treasure for years. You deserve it.