paperProcessor VSP 25-12

paperProcessor VSP 25-12

The paperProcessor VSP 25-12 was specially developed for the efficient production of single photos and added-value photo products. The VSP 25-12 is based on the established principle of the VSP 50 and is distinguished by sound workmanship and easy of use.

Photo paper with a width of 3.5” to 12” is processed with speeds of 16.4 feet to 82 feet per minute. You can achieve a high increase in productivity, operating the VSP 25-12 inline with the large-format exposure unit widePrint. Thanks to its variable speed, VSP 25-12 adapts to the current production volume and therefore allows basically interruption-free processing of the exposed photo paper.

In contrast to conventional systems, the VSP 25-12 works without a leader belt. This technology allows easy operation in daylight without the use of paper clamps and gentle paper transport. Combined with a special squeegee technology, this leads to lower water consumption, very economical chemical consumption, and low maintenance costs.

Connecting the paperProcessor VSP 25-12 to the high-speed exposure unit widePrint makes it possible to omit time-consuming paper magazine changes as well as the transport of the magazines between the exposure unit and the developer.

The variable speed is made possible by a unique sled system which maintains a constant in-tank time by adjusting the height of the bottom set of paper rollers. This developer is available with different tank configurations in order to comply with a wide spectrum of environmental regulations.

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