perfectPress automatische Buchpresse

perfectPress Book Block Press

perfectPress is an automatic book press for the industrial photo book production in high and professional quality. This innovation, optional fitted with a barcode printer and conveyor, is another step forward on the way to a fully automated LayFlat photo book production.

During the setting time of the hotmelt glue, the book block is precisely pressed into a defined shape. By using perfectPress, a reduction of 1 or 2 millimeters book block height can be achieved on books with a larger number of pages processed.

The contact pressure of perfectPress book press is adjustable from 132.25 lbs up to 265.50 lbs, while ensuring an uniform force distribution on the entire book block. Additionally, this working step results in a firmer structure and more compact book spine, and has a positive effect on the straightness of the photo book, thus providing a significantly increase in quality.

In combination with the bookbinding systems fastBlock and fastBook professional, perfectPress is an ideal inline-solution and fully integrated in these finishing systems operations.

For a space-saving production line, Imaging Solutions offers optional a 90-degree-transfer solution, that transports the book blocks from the bookbinding system to the book press in parallel direction.

Another optional accessory is the inkjet bar code printer with conveyor, providing an improved order processing and order management. To ensure an exact bar code, the photo book block is aligned in a first step. Afterwards the bar code is printed in the running direction via inkjet technology. Bar code printing transversely to the running direction is an option, too. At least, the printed bar code can be read out by a scanner.

Simplify and speed up your processes now with these new modules for the professional and high-class photo book production.

Contact the ISAG team for additional consulting and make an appointment for your individual system demonstration.

fastBlock bookbinding system with automatic book press 90 degree transfer
conveyor with bar code printer for photo book production optional to book press