Stop Running in Circles!

Multi-format print orders are a growing problem in high volume print labs. While they represent a larger percentage of the volume each season, the current production process is cumbersome and expensive.

Many plants produce each size in a separate step and use sorting bins to store the partial orders. During peak period, there may be dozens or hundreds of people sorting prints from the cutters to the bins, then moving the completed orders to packaging.

multiCut AgX is a fully automated industrial XY-cutter.

It greatly simplifies the production of multi-format print orders. Batching and handling formats in orders is a big challenge for production sites because it needs a lot of space for sorting and storing all items of each order as well as manpower. multiCut was designed to drastically reduce these e­fforts.

multiCut enables the production of single prints directly from printed rolls.

multiCut is available in different versions for the handling of silver halide paper and digital press paper. Each version works different in terms of the order layout.

Regarding the AgX-version:

The X-cut is controlled by punch marks while the Y-cut is defined by a 2D-code. Each order is separated through order ident prints.

One batch represents one order and could look like the following for printed on AgX paper:

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