fastBook Professional

State-of-the-art book block system
fastBook Professional is a complete production solution for the professional photo finishing market. It is up to 3.5 times faster than comparable machines, providing a constantly premium book block quality.

This state-of-the-art book block system with a format range up to 18″ x 18″ offers photo labs tremendous opportunities for the production of large format photo albums, catalogues or product presentations in beautiful panoramic layout. The integrated LayFlat binding technology allows image layouts in XXL format up to 36″, spread over two pages, without any gutter or image lost.

Choose from two versions: fastBook Professional 600 (600 sheets/h) or fastBook Professional 1000 processing 1,000 sheets per hour, without cardboard added.

Both fastBook Professional versions are suitable for photo paper and digital print paper. Furthermore the systems process infinite black and colored cardboards for exclusive book blocks, as used for wedding albums or other luxury photo books.

Furthermore, the system is fitted with an adjustable fold pressing. As a result, the fastBook Professional also performs a shape pressing to provide highest, professional quality to demanding customers. Optional, an automatic book press is available for a more compact book block.

Easy production of professional photo books

A complete book block is produced in just one work step: creasing, folding, pressing, and gluing. Thanks to the hot melt gluing technology, the production costs are extremley low, and only a minimum of glue per square meter is required.The glue binds perfectly and the sheets become an excellent stiffness for a premium touch and feel. No drying or storage time is necessary, and the photo products can be shipped on the day of manufacturing.

Designed for longevity, the fastBook Professional system ensures premium photo book quality in day-to-day production. It is notable not only for its capacity, but also for the reliability and consistency throughout the fully automated process.

In addition, the 100 % Swiss made design and technology offers easy and comfortable operation via graphical user interface (GUI) and the integrated Beckhoff PLC control. Orders will be simply administrated by barcodes.

Due to the variable Voltage, the LayFlat fastBook Professional photo finishing machine is ready to use immediately all over the world without transformator.

For additional product information and consulting, please contact the ISAG team.