fastBook Basic system for photo book production, calendars and greeting cards

fastBook Basic

LayFlat Photobook Technology
The growing demand for panoramic layout design and high quality prints can be satisfied with the new fastBook Basic system, offered by Imaging Solutions. The fully automatic machine for bookbinding produces photo books, calendars and greeting cards with the LayFlat-technology. This bookbinding system processes photo paper and digital paper.

Due to its compact design, the fastBook Basic bookbinding system provides a workflow with 4-in-1 production steps: automatic feeding of single sheets and cardboard, creasing, folding and gluing with purePhoto Strong Hotmelt glue. Thanks to the Hotmelt-Technology, producers do not need expensive adhesive foils, and therefore production costs can be reduced.

Because of the additional integrated cardboard feeder, photo labs can produce premium photo products by inserting a cardboard between two single sheets. As a result, this sandwich-technology provides high-quality calendars, and photo books with extraordinary stiffness and haptics. Fitted with the innovative LayFlat-technology – also known as panoramic binding – the fastBook Basic machine produces large photo sizes seamlessly, without curved pages or image loss in the center. The illustrated pictures are fully displayed with a perfect panoramic spread and extraordinary impression.

The system is designed for single-shift operation. Regular cleaning and maintenance according to ISAGs recommendations ensure smooth operation.

As an entry volume solution, first of all this book block production system is an interesting option for minilabs. Also, professional photographic laboratories or digital printing labs are able to increase their range of services with this bookbinding machine.

Please contact us for more information on fastBook Basic. The ISAG experts are, of course, happy to provide you with a customized offer.