fastBlock Industrial LayFlat Book Block Maker

The fastBlock book binding machine is a 5-in-1 solution for the quick production of premium photo books up to 457 mm width (18 inches). This high-speed system performs 2’500 cycles per hour and is designed for industrial operation. (1 cycle = 1 gluing = 2 pages).

fastBlock works with silver halide (photo) paper, digital press paper and inkjet media.

A complete book block with LayFlat binding technology is produced in just one work step. One push of a button triggers all necessary individual steps for photobook production: cutting, creasing, folding, pressing, and gluing.

The fastBlock binding system consists of the cutting, creasing and folding unit fastCCF and the bookbinding machine fastBook.

You can utilize fastBlock with either an unwinder or a sheet feeder. High-quality lay flat photo book blocks are produced thanks to the barcode control system and the established hotmelt technology.

An option for producing high quality photobook blocks is the cardboard feeder with a capacity of 500 – 600 sheets (depending on thickness).

The fastBlock processes rolls with a diameter up to 850 mm without the need of an additional unwinder. This makes the machine perfectly suited for the further processing of big digital printed rolls.

Additionally, the automatic book press perfectPress by ISAG can be integrated in the workflow. The book press performs a final block pressing after gluing, thus providing extra compact book blocks, saving 1 – 2 Millimeters of block height, depending on numbers of pages and cardboards.

For an individual live-demonstration of the fastBlock photobook technology, please contact the ISAG team. We are happy to consult you.