LayFlat Photo Book Production Line

The Imaging Solutions’ book production line allows the automatic production of LayFlat photo books in variable formats and page numbers in short make-ready times. Individual books can be produced with minimal manpower and high productivity, offline or inline (up to max. 1.800 cycles per hour).

The PURUS software from Imaging Solutions is the central element in the automated workflow for the production of photo books and print-on-demand products. This software processes, monitors, and checks the orders coming in via the Internet or on storage media. An important part of PURUS is the automatic image enhancement software VIESUSTM. It offers image enhancement on the highest level and with the highest hit rate – without an operator.

For the digital printing, the LayFlat bookbinding machine fastBlock is the next step of the workflow. With fastBlock you can produce LayFlat book blocks automatically, fed from roll or sheet. It works with photo paper or digital printing paper. This 5-in-1 solution includes cutting, creasing, folding, pressing, and gluing.

Silver halide photo exposure will be processed by the ISAG widePrint series, the high-speed exposure units for the production of added-value photo products and single prints on silver halide paper.

The widePrint systems are operated in-line with ISAG’s paperProcessor VSP 25-12, providing an unmatched productivity and uptime. They are also ideal for large-format photo products.

With additional (external) equipment, the book blocks are then to be trimmed. After the case making, the next step is the casing-in, followed by the joint forming.

The results are beautiful designed photo books with panoramic binding in high quality.

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