Semi-automatic LayFlat Photo Book Production Line

The Imaging Solutions’ book production line for the entry level allows a semi-automatic production of LayFlat photo books, starting with single or short runs.

Premium individual photo books in variable formats and page numbers can be produced in an efficient way with minimum make-ready times.

The first step of the workflow is an easy-to-use E-Commerce solution. It can be used as a stand-alone web shop or seamlessly integrated into your existing web shop or website.

Ultimate silver halide image quality is offered by the digital minilab Frontier from our partner FUJIFILM.

In an optional step, the printed sheets can be laminated by the ISAG Auto Laminator 65, before being processed in the bookbinding system fastBook Basic.

fastBook Basic, the entry volume system for automatic LayFlat binding, handles both, photo and digital printing paper. This compact bookbinding solution provides 4-in-1 production steps from automatic feeding of single sheets and cardboards, to creasing, folding and gluing with purePhoto Hotmelt glue.

Another fully automatic production solution is the bookbinding system fastBook Professional by ISAG. This state-of-the art photo book making system allows image layouts in XXL format up to 36 ” (open book block), providing a format range from 8″ x 8″ up to 18″ x 18″. The 4-in-1 solution creases, folds, presses and glues single sheets, whether original photo paper or digital photo paper. fastBook Professional is designed to work 24 hours in 3 shift operation.

After the book block manufacturing with fastBook Basic or fastBook Professional, the glued book blocks are trimmed quickly and safely on three sides using the ISAG Paper Cutter 67/85. This professional cutting device is ideal for small and mid-sized production volumes.

Case lamination is provided by the ISAG Auto Laminator 65. With its simultaneous application of lamination foil and double-sided adhesive foil, this hot laminator is a perfect tool for book cover production.

Subsequent case-making and casing-in is done manually.

Additional to bookbinding, paper cutting and case making, the ISAG Joint Former 52 completes the entry level production line for premium LayFlat photo books in outstanding quality.

Test your material in our Demo Center in Regensdorf and convince yourself of the high productivity and quality of the ISAG systems.

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