Photo Print Technology: A New Era in Quality


The print industry has undergone an exciting evolution since 2010’s letterpress revival. Today’s digital technology benefits from the premium results of silver halide photo paper, lay-flat binding technology, and resolutions we could only dream of a few years ago. Emulsion technology is embedded in gelatine to lengthen image lifespans and prevent degradation with the passing of the years.

Photo print trends rely on three layers of dying to produce extreme depth — a process that’s best paired with lay-flat binding technology to ensure that every millimetre of the page receives the exposure it deserves. Wave “goodbye” to book gutters and say “hello” to automated production lines that deliver your product in record time.

Photo Print Outlook for 2020

Personalised printing has dominated the industry for years, but as digital printing technology improves, publishers, marketers, and everyday buyers alike are relying increasingly on remote service providers. In the coming decade, digital publishing is expected to blossom even more. Content engagement and artificial intelligence have allowed small businesses to scale in record time.

Self-publishing will skyrocket in 2020, and corporate clients are expected to become a larger part of the personalised book market. This is no surprise given the premium publishing tools available to small and large businesses today. Professional photo print services offer variable picture lengths, fade-resistant printing, and lasting binding systems. Their affordability makes them as suited to family gift-givers as they are to corporate marketing teams.

The Pure Photo Experience from Cover to Cover

Layflat photobook technology is only the beginning. Imaging Solutions books are produced using silver halide technology: a stable way to add permanence to every page. Silver halide prints keep their tones and hues with age. Imaging Solutions also relies on software that keeps workflows efficient and automatic.

Our plug-ins and sleek interfaces create edition-one production. Once the images are in place, LayFlat technology takes care of the rest. This bookbinding method includes a lasting adhesive that coats each sheet in a way that removes visible gutters. The results? A striking panoramic spread that preserves memories as the treasures they are.

The importance of the image enhancement software

Besides providing the best LayFlat photo book technology of the highest quality, there also arises the need of an efficient image enhancement technique which can remove the redundant pixels or noises from the color image before proceeding for final segmentation. Imaging Solutions has established itself as the leading supplier of digital photo shooting workflow solutions due to the reliability as a high-quality software, therefore the VIESUS software can be used on platforms such as Mac OS and Windows 10.

What are the key features of this software?

The automatic image enhancement software VIESUS by Imaging Solutions AG is the right software to be used since it is a fully automatic software with individually controllable functions, real time preview and the opportunity to save the customized parameters. The software for image enhancement also provides the highly developed object identification and enhancement including the different features, including the color correction on a limited set of image classes such as: skin tone, sky and vegetation. There also should not be neglected the other important key features of this software such as:

  • the red eye correction
  • advanced noise reduction
  • shadows
  • artificial light and
  • sharpness

The above features are really important during the sophistication process of image enhancement provided by the Imaging Solutions high quality software.