Photo Print Memories You’ll Always Treasure


Photo Print Memories You’ll Always Treasure

The finest bookbinding machines and panoramic layouts now let you record your history one gorgeous and lasting page at a time. LayFlat photo print books even let you record all the text you need to flesh out each image. The main aim of Imaging Solutions is to provide LayFlat bookbinding equipment that allows our customers to offer LayFlat products, such as books, large format photo albums, catalogs or presentations in a very impressive and beautiful panoramic layout.

Highest quality LayFlat books by the best bookbinding machines

Imaging Solutions ensures to its customers the most advanced lay flat bookbinding machines:

  • fastBook Professional – Professional level solution
  • fastBlock – Industrial level solution
  • fastBooklet – Industrial softcover booklet solution

Every bookbinding and printing technique produces a unique result. We’ve divided our offerings into different quality levels so that you can shave as much as you need off your price. We give you complete creative control over your results, from your book’s layout to the quality of its binding. If you need a robust solution, our industrial production level will provide it.

The professional-level solution is the Goldilocks of the bunch, giving you a balance between quality and price that’s just right. When you have to choose the most suitable book binding machine for your business you have to consider different criteria such as requested book sizes and your estimated production volume. Imaging Solutions has paid special attention to offer LayFlat book binding machines for all different needs.

PurePhoto printing was developed to accurately represent fine art photographs, so it reproduces your hues and tones more precisely than traditional printing alternatives. The world’s most impressive design professionals trust PurePhoto to give them the accuracy and vivid colour they expect because image quality should never be optional. Your memories deserve the brightest, clearest printing standards. In short, you get to personalize your budget and quality level freely. This is your history, after all, so it should be reproduced your way.

Storing your favorite moments in a digital universe cannot replace the feeling of a book in your hands. This is why the personalised book market is enjoying revolutionary interest. This kind of product allows you to add your own prose to each image and come up with creative ways to display your experiences. Think of it as a more impressive scrapbook. It’s a gift to yourself that you’ll handle over and over for many years so Imaging Solutions has thus developed a range of options to suit your unique quality requirements.

Panoramic Layout Design Photo Books

Your book is only as lasting as its binding. The LayFlat bookbinding technology is ideal for premium book-on-demand products. The book’s pages do not turn over unintentionally as with other bindings. With LayFlat, the book’s gutter is eradicated, and the durability problems caused by inferior adhesives are removed. The market share of LayFlat photo books is steadily growing each year. Your customers will be so enthusiastic that they will always find occasions to design more LayFlat photo books.

They will not only become loyal customers; they will also be multipliers who awaken the desire for photobooks with LayFlat binding in others. The technology ensures that every milimeter of your book is visible. This way, you can spread an image across two pages without losing even an inch of your picture or text. We rely on hot melt adhesive because it dries quickly with excellent clarity and is completely waterproof. It’s one of the most trusted ways to handle porous surfaces.

Imaging Solutions Professional Photo Book Production

Although the individual steps of the book block production are quite complex and need to be done most accurately, the high level of automation of ISAG’s bookbinding machines allows an easy operation with minimum manpower. Thanks to the hotmelt gluing technology there is no time necessary for drying or storage since the photo products can be shipped on the same day. Hold your history in your hands with Imaging Solutions.