LayFlat Photobook Technology

How you can employ LayFlat photo books successfully

The LayFlat bookbinding technology is ideal for premium book-on-demand products such as photobooks or coffee table books. Both sides of the book are completely flat. With this type of binding visual information is not lost in the gutter and two-page spreads are fully visible. The book’s pages do not turn over automatically as with other bindings.

LayFlat photobook technology is also eminently suitable for corporate publications, art books, or cookbooks – anywhere quality images and content are bound in books.

Your customers will be so enthusiastic that they will always find occasions to design more LayFlat photobooks. They will not only become loyal customers; they will also be multipliers who awaken the desire for photobooks with LayFlat binding in others.

Imaging Solutions offers an interesting range of bookbinding machines including LayFlat technology :

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LayFlat Bookbinding versus Perfect Binding of Photo books