ISAG presents innovation for multi-format orders

Imaging Solutions has launched the multiCut multi-format print cutter to streamline the production of mixed-size print orders in consumer and professional photo labs. When used with a high-speed web printer, one multiCut can perform XY cutting and sorting of mixed size print orders at speeds over 11,000 4×6 units per hour.
“The growing number of mixed size orders have presented a unique challenge in high volume labs,” explains Imaging Solutions CEO Anthony Pieters. “To handle mixed size orders, most labs have dedicated significant labor and space to sorting bins to store partially completed orders until the remaining sizes are ready.  The multiCut frees up the space and labor by allowing all the sizes, up to 12×18 inches, to be printing on a single roll then cut apart into individual prints.”

Another approach to mix size orders has been to use minilabs originally designed for use in retail applications. Pieters points out that “using minilabs in high volume lab generates high maintenance and labor costs and takes up a lot of space. A single high-speed printer and a multiCut can easily handle the work of five or more of the fastest minilabs.”

Imaging Solutions also sees an application of widePrint and multiCut in school and sports labs. Many of these labs ship most of their prints in 8×10 or 7×10 inch units to avoid cutting individual sizes apart. As Pieters observes, “we live in an age where the customers expect higher levels of quality and service. Expecting customers to separate prints on their own with scissors doesn’t seem to fit very well into a 21st century market.”