Imaging Solutions Launches the fastBook Professional for Luxury Photobooks

The Swiss company, Imaging Solutions AG, develops high-quality machines for the production of premium photo books. The new fastBook professional, which can bind larger books with thicker pages, debuted in Turkey – at Cihan Exclusive Albums, one of the largest wedding book manufacturers in Europe.
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Imaging Solutions AG is now installing the fastBook Professional in photo labs and album companies around the world. But the launch was proceeded by a long-term test in real world production at Cihan Exclusive Albums in Turkey.

Cihan Exclusive Albums was established in Izmir, Turkey in 1975 and introduced the “Panorama Design Album,” with LayFlat pages, very early. To ensure the highest quality images, Cihan uses a fully digital printing process.

Before the installation of the fastBook Professional, the critically important construction of the LayFlat album was still done manually by highly skilled bookbinders. Over the years, a large assortment of high-quality albums has been offered exclusively through professional photographers throughout Europe.

Again and again the production specialists in Izmir tried to automate the production. However, none of the machines they tested could produce books that met their quality requirements.

Then the Orhan brothers, who own Cihan, communicated their problems to Imaging Solutions including the formats, speed, book structure and flexibility desired. Upon learning that Imaging Solutions had already developed the fastBook Professional precisely for those requirements, they agreed to a comprehensive test in their lab in Turkey.

The machine offers photo labs and album companies the ability to create premium LayFlat books and albums quickly and cost-effectively using only 20 gr / m2 of hotmelt glue. This allows the acquisition costs for the fastBook Professional to be paid off in a very short time. The machine also enables orders to ship in one day, significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Equipped with Swiss technology, the fastBook Professional can bind photo books from 20.8 x 20.8 to 45.7 x 45.7 cm (8.2 x 8.2 to 18 x 18 inches) and allows common silver halide and digital press papers to be used.

The machine can also use new synthetic page inserts from Imaging Solutions which can replace the conventional cardboard inserts used to create thicker pages. Since these resist deformations from temperature and humidity fluctuations, they ensure the pages lay absolutely flat.

The fastBook Professional is designed for perfect LayFlat book production. Through tightly controlled creasing, folding and pressing, a panoramic image is bound into every two-page spread. There is no gap at the book center to obscure the viewing experience.

All these capabilities were confirmed under the critical eye of Cihan Exclusive Albums during the intensive testing period.

The success story –  Wedding books from Turkey – continues.

The first fastBook professional machine is now used in Izmir in daily production. The production time and required manpower were drastically reduced. The daily production was doubled and the quality further increased.

The greatest compliment came from the father of the two Orhan brothers: “The best books we have ever produced.” Now the production times are consistent and the company could significantly shorten its delivery times.

News of the installation of the fastBook Professional in Izmir has spread across the industry: customers from Istanbul and Izmir have already visited the lab to see the new machine at work. According to Managing Director Savash: “The fastBook Professional 1000 is the machine that for the first time surpasses the high quality of careful handwork. It is fully automatic and extremely fast. ”

The production of a photo book with twenty pages and inserts by hand takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The machine needs only one tenth of the time. Two minutes are required to assemble the book block so that the entire book is completed in four minutes.

printing machine

The technical features of the new fastBook Professional at a glance:

Extended format selection: The formats which can be produced on the fastBook Professional are larger than previous models. Formats with a height and width of 20.8 to 45.7 centimeters (8.2 ” – 18 “) are now possible. The device also supports the A3 portrait format plus panoramic photos, which can be up to 90 centimeters long and 45 centimeters high. This allows development of new markets for promotional photography including wedding, car, baby, architecture, jewelry and watches.

Two versions for market launch: There will be two versions of the new machine: the fastBook Professional 600 and the fastBook Professional 1000. Both machines are designed for 24/7 production. One version of the machine processes up to 600 sheets (= 1200 book pages), the other 1000 sheets (= 2000 book pages) per hour.

Touch-sensitive operation: The machine is operated via touch-sensitive buttons. The operator controls the specific book structure independently. Complete book specifications can be saved as products to be specifically selected later. Individual products can even be activated automatically by reading a barcode.

Simple product selection: The operator can choose a wide range of different formats and book specifications. In addition, it is possible to specify the desired sheet thickness, the thickness of the inserts, sheet-to-sheet production without inserts, or the multiple creasing option for softcover production.

Hotmelt technology: As part of the Imaging Solutions LayFlat line, the machine benefits from an innovative hotmelt technology and low glue application. The hotmelt enables post processing of the book blocks and shipping on the same day.

Optional with automatic book press: On request, the machine can be equipped with an automatic book press. This perfectPress finishes the book block under pressure creating a firm, flat spine.

Working steps are perfectly coordinated: All the steps including creasing, folding, gluing, pressing and the joining of book pages and inserts are carried out in the machine in succession. The sequences are perfectly matched to each other allowing constant production even with differently configured books of the same format. Changing formats takes less than one minute.

Optimal design: All units, control modules and fuses are easily accessible. The design of the machine has been optimized so that all modules can be set up on an area of 3.5 square meters. Viewing windows allow the visual inspection of the production process at any time. The machine is prepared as standard for various voltages.