Imaging Solutions AG: The Best Way to Create and Print Your Personalised Photo Album


Imaging Solutions AG: The Best Way to Create and Print Your Personalised Photo Album

It is a foregone conclusion that we live within a digital society. From social media platforms to image-sharing portals, it has never been easier to share our favourite memories with friends and family members. However, the fact of the matter is that even the most advanced virtual platforms cannot replicate the traditional appeal associated with a photo album. 

Founded in 2003, Imaging Solutions AG provides a host of unique services for customers to leverage. These will enable you to create a bespoke album that is ideally suited for both personal and commercial uses. What are some of the many advantages to expect when working in tandem with our team of professionals? Let us take a look at why so many individuals have chosen the expertise offered through Image Solutions. 

Cutting-Edge Commercial Printing Services

There may be times when you are hoping to mass-produce personalised photo albums (such as for a specific event or for a large distributor). In this situation, it is clear that only the most advanced printing and development software will suffice. The good news is that Imaging Solutions is capable of providing you with targeted systems that are capable of tackling even the most challenging of products. Some of the amenities offered to customers include:

  • Professional in-house installations.
  • Tainings.
  • Proactive service and maintenance.
  • Personalised service contracts (upon request).
  • Spare parts and consumables when required.

It should also be mentioned that we supply a wide range of print finishing systems, capable of accurately creating albums and similar stationery in bulk when needed.

Our Use of Proprietary Photo Album Binding Technology

Photo albums are designed to display imagery in a beautiful and convenient manner. Unfortunately, generic manufacturing processes will often leave much to the imagination in terms of aesthetics. This is largely due to substandard binding techniques. Imaging Solutions has, therefore, developed a proprietary binding solution known as LayFlat technology.

The main principle behind this method is to enable all pages (and the associated content) for two-page spreads to remain fully visible. The pages will not turn over due to their binding and as a result, the materials contained within any photo album will be seamlessly displayed. Not only can albums be addressed with this technology, but a handful of other uses include:

  • Corporate brochures.
  • Cookbooks.
  • Art publications.

Whether you have been searching for a one-off printing solution to celebrate a special event (such as a wedding) or you are hoping to increase brand recognition within the business community, there is no doubt that our LayFlat binding process will be very useful.

The Use of Silver Halide Paper

There are several subtle variables which can make all of the difference in the world between a rather underwhelming photo album and one which truly catches the eye. The type of paper employed will often have a massive impact on the overall aesthetics. Although digital offset printing is rather common, it does not offer nearly as many benefits when compared to a material known as silver halide. Here are some of the numerous visual advantages that you can expect when printing on silver halide paper:

  • Images can be recreated with a much higher resolution.
  • Silver halide paper is highly resistant to fading.
  • Smoother transitions between lines and polygons.
  • Natural skin tones can be accurately captured.
  • Silver halide photo albums are extremely durable when compared to digital offset printing.

These are the main reasons why Imaging Solutions is pleased to offer silver halide printing for all of your photo reproduction needs. It is always wise to speak with a representative in order to learn more about this unique and timeless technology. 

On-Demand Production Methods

One of the challenges often associated with the mass production of commercial photo albums is that cost overruns can easily eat into profit margins. This normally occurs when users are forced to choose from a preset number of prints as opposed to stipulating the exact amount. For example, it makes little sense to produce 750 albums when your customer base does not exceed 500. This is why Imaging Solutions offers on-demand production systems. 

We are more than capable of dealing with an exact number of copies based upon your requirements. Not only does this offer a superior level of customisation, but it will help to prevent unnecessary waste that could have otherwise been avoided. Above all, this on-demand system will help to increase your overall return on investment (ROI) while still being able to satisfy the needs of the end-user.

Targeted and User-Friendly Software Solutions

Anyone who has been involved in the commercial image production industry is well aware that an efficient workflow will often signal the difference between a successful business and a failed venture. This commonly involves the types of software solutions that are available. Our customers have been extremely satisfied with the hardware system such as netGate and PURUS thanks to their modular capacity.

In other words, the software packages themselves can be modified based on the needs of the client. Therefore, you will only be receiving targeted solutions as opposed to digital “fluff”. The same holds true in reference to our VIESUS image enhancement software in regard to flexibility, continuous quality improvement and the ability to obtain a number of useful plug-ins. If you have been less than satisfied with “cookie-cutter” software solutions for your business, you will be undoubtedly pleased with what is in store when working with our team. 

Refurbished Printing Machines

We fully appreciate the fact that purchasing an entirely new printing machine may be prohibitively expensive for small- to medium-sized businesses. This is the reason why Imaging Solutions offers a line of refurbished models, which are nonetheless vetted to the highest of standards in order to ensure second-to-none levels of quality and reliability. If you manage a commercial printing firm and you have been looking for viable solutions, you have come to the right place.

Flexibility and Attention to Detail

Whether you are concerned with larger commercial operations or you are searching for more personalised photo album solutions, our team is always here to help. We have consistently striven to remain one step ahead of the ever-evolving technological curve and as a result, quality is never an issue.

Still, the one factor which has enabled us to rise head and shoulders above our competitors is the simple fact that we seek to develop a working relationship with each of our customers. Would you like to learn more about our bespoke photo album production services or do you have any additional questions? If so, a qualified customer service representative is only moments away. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.