Eurocolor equips lab in Gera with fastBook Professional from Imaging Solutions!


Fujifilm is worldwide the major manufacturer of real photo paper. In Gera, the company maintains one of its major labs – Eurocolor.
To expand its production facilities, Eurocolor now relies on the fastBook Professional. They are now able to make large premium photo books with LayFlat binding quickly and easily!

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Committed to tradition, quality must always be the goal. That is the claim of Eurocolor Gera. The Fujifilm lab has been in place since 1991. Since 2008, the lab has been offering the “Brilliant Photobook” on real photo paper, which incidentally is already being produced on one of the first fastBook machines made by the Swiss company Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG). In the meantime, the Gera location has completely specialized in products made from photo paper.
Isag building
Isag building
Eurocolors claim: “Photographs that are exposed on photo paper, with their rich colors and brilliant details, provide lasting memories at the highest level. Over time, however, the way people retain their photographed memories from vacation, family celebration, wedding, or trips has changed. The classic order of many individual prints has been displaced by professionally designed picture books. The real photo book is a noble variant that is also used for product and company presentations. ”

When it comes to real photo books there is a high demand for books in a very high quality, which are preferably made using the stylish LayFlat binding.

Ms. Ute Chripunowa, lab manager of Eurocolor Gera:

“We have now expanded our existing production facilities. Since we are already successful producing with ISAG bookbinding machines, we of course went again for a machine of Imaging Solutions, the most successful manufacturer of LayFlat bookbinding machines. The LayFlat binding is very popular with our customers, as it allows an absolute flatness even across the middle. With double-sided images, such as panoramas, this type of binding ensures that no image information disappears in the middle. ”

After several discussions with Imaging Solutions, Eurocolor has opted for the ISAG model fastBook Professional. It is a complete solution for the professional photo book production. The machine processes all necessary steps for the production of book blocks such as “creasing”, “folding”, “pressing” and “gluing” independently. Large-format images up to the XXL format of 457mm x 914mm can be realized over two pages – without bulging and without image loss. The high-level performance allows the gluing of up to 1000 sheets per hour.

Ms. Ute Chripunowa: “In the past, we have had very good experience with the technology and service of Imaging Solutions. We are now equipped with the fastBook Professional and can now also produce and deliver large high-quality photo books in Gera to our customers.”

printing machine

The fastBook Professional from Imaging Solutions

The fastBook Professional is an all-in-one machine made in Switzerland. She produces finished book blocks from single sheets. All necessary steps are triggered directly by pressing a single button. LayFlat photo books can be produced up to a size of 45 x 45 cm in an instant. The variety of products that can be produced with the machine includes not only LayFlat photo books, but also calendars, greeting cards and luxury brochures.

The machine is capable of handling silver halide, digital printing and offset papers. Also inserts in different colors and materials can be effortlessly integrated into the production. The barcode-driven production of the fastBook Professional allows automatic product selection. Alternatively, all settings can be made by the operator through an intuitive operation via the touchscreen.