COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update


To all customers,

Regensdorf, March 20, 2020

Business as usual … we do not believe this,

but we want to do everything to support our customers during this difficult time.

The events of the last few days and the rapid changes in the situation also affected our company
very surprisingly. We have taken immediate action to protect the health of our employees and
partners. We consider the well-being and health of all to be a prerequisite for further steps.

We were able to switch a portion of our staff to home offices very quickly. This preserves the most
important structures in our company. For activities that cannot be carried out from home, we have
taken appropriate precautions.

We have already noticed that some installations and service assignments have been temporarily
postponed. That is a good thing. Most companies do not want to have “foreigners” in the workplace
for fear of Corona contagion. That is the reason why our service staff stays mostly at home and
supports when necessary with on-line support.

On the other hand, we are very pleased about the installations and service orders which are
planned from May onwards. Please understand that in case of peak requests, we give priority to
help our customers who have a maintenance and service contract.

We hope the time frame for the drastic restrictions will remain manageable and we can expect a
relaxation of the health-threatening situation in a few month’s time. Until then, we will use the time
to further optimize our processes and procedures to ensure prompt implementation of requests
and orders. We are continuing to innovate and manufacture equipment and we are providing
additional training to our service technicians.

Unfortunately, we cannot estimate how the next few weeks and months will develop. But we see a
very good chance that the Christmas business in 2020, which for many in our industry is the most
important time of the year, will return to normal.

We wish you, your families and employees all the best. Stay healthy!

With kind regards,

Anthony Pieters
CEO Imaging Solutions AG