Choose the best book binding machine from Imaging Solutions (ISAG)

book binding machine

book binding machine

When you have to choose the most suitable book binding machine for your business you have to consider different criteria such as requested book sizes and your estimated production volume.

Imaging Solutions has paid special attention to offer LayFlat book binding machine for all different needs:

  • fastBook Basic – Entry level solution
  • fastBook Professional – Professional level solution
  • fastBlock – Industrial level solution
  • fastBooklet production – Industrial softcover booklet solution

The entry level solution: fastBook Basic

fastBook Basic is a fully automatic book block maker which produces LayFlat book blocks from single sheets. It can make photo books not only by gluing paper back to back but also with inserting up to four cardboard between the sheets.

It automatically feeds single sheets and cardboards, creases the middle of the sheets, folds, presses and assembles them one by one with hot melt glue. The machine is able to produce book blocks from 6 x 6” to 13 x 18” and is designed for single-shift production.

The professional level solution: fastBook Professional

fastBook Professional is a 4-in-1 solution. A LayFlat book block is produced from single sheets in just one working step: creasing, folding, pressing and gluing.

LayFlat book blocks in formats from 8 x 8.2” to 18 x18” are produced with minimum manpower requirements. Same-day finishing and shipping is possible because of hotmelt technology.

Imaging Solutions offers two versions of fastBook Professional:
fastBook Professional 600 (up to 600 sheets/h) and fastBook Professional 1000 that processes up to 1’000 sheets per hour.

The industrial level solution: fastBlock

The fastBlock system by Imaging Solutions is a 5-in-1 solution. A LayFlat book block is produced from a roll or single sheets in just one working step: cutting, creasing, folding, pressing and gluing.

fastBlock is capable of processing up to 2’500 sheets per hour which makes it the perfect machine for an industrial production of LayFlat photo books. The format range is from 8 x 6.7” to 14.5 x 18”. The machine requires minimum manpower and because of the integrated hotmelt technology the photo books can be finished and shipped the same day.

Accurate cutting, folding and gluing ensure perfectly aligned book blocks. The sheets are transported onto a rotating drum in the gluing module. They are glued and placed on a moving table to build the book block.

The finished book block is transported into an optional stacker or onto a conveyor belt which connects fastBlock to the next finishing work steps (perfectPress, 3-knife trimming, casing-in, joint forming).

The industrial softcover booklet production: fastBooklet

fastBooklet is a fully automatic production line for small format softcover photo books
with LayFlat binding. Finished booklets are produced with one push of a button and now ready to ship.
Create professional booklets with fastBooklet through your customer’s daily photos.
The number of prints taken by smartphones is growing. The number of smartphone users is increasing every year and taking photos is one of the most used functions. With the usage of new apps and social media, the number of photos is constantly growing.

Experience the perfection of ISAG book binding machine

We at Imaging Solutions put a lot of efforts in the development of our machines. Whether completely swiss made or made of Swiss technology our machines are always leading-edge. Being insiders of the photo book market we are aware of new trends and innovations. We use this knowledge to improve our machines constantly.
Our machines can handle different types of paper, such as silver halide, digital press or offset as well as inkjet paper. Also, new materials as a replacement for cardboard inserts like synthetic inserts made of PVC, PP or PET are processable.