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Fujifilm Japan is visiting Imaging Solutions

We were delighted to welcome Fujifilm Imaging Protec from Japan for a demonstration of the new fastBlock 05. On this occasion, we could answer our guests’ request for more information on Imaging Solutions’ proven high-speed silver halide production workflow of
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Imaging Solutions photo book production gives your memories the right value

photo book With Imaging Solutions technology and software every professional and amateur photographer can now create layflat photo book of the highest quality. One of these software is VIESUS which is used for automatic image optimization, which is also free
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Zookbinders installs first fastBook Professional book binding machine in the United States.

When Zookbinders, a Chicago area album company, installed the first fastBook Professional binding machine in the United States in late July, it was another step in the company’s long tradition of product and process innovation. The machine, supplied by Swiss
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