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LayFlat Photobook Technology by Imaging Solutions

The LayFlat bookbinding technology is an ideal way to keep all eyes on your pictures.


LayFlat is a bookbinding term and describes a specific kind of adhesive binding that is also called panorama or flush mount binding. The reverse side of every folded sheet of paper is coated with glue and consecutively attached to the next.
Lay Flat photo book produced by fastBlock bookbinding system of Imaging Solutions AG

LayFlat Binding

There are two central advantages of this type of binding: the photo book stays completely flat when opened and there is no visible central gutter. No visual information is lost. Two-page spreads look especially good with LayFlat binding. You don’t have to think about the gutter when creating your photo book layout. And there is no unwanted turning over of pages when the book is open.

Imaging Solutions (ISAG) offers various solutions for the production of LayFlat photo books, starting with individual single prints up to high volume production.

Call the our team now for consulting on the ideal ISAG product solution for your specific demands and update yourself about ISAG’s innovative photobook technology.


Perfect Binding

With conventional adhesive binding, also called Perfect Binding, the book block’s individual folded sheets are only glued together at the spine. When you open the photo book, the pages curve and fall outward. Therefore, important visual information is lost in the gutter. Panoramic images on two-page spreads lose their impact.

LayFlat bookbinding is an ideal option to present photos and image memories of exotic travels, weddings or luxury products in an impressive panoramic spread.

The Philosophy of PUREPHOTO


PUREPHOTOTM is made for people with a vision of the future, who love and enjoy quality, and who believe in the beauty of pure photo products.
The PUREPHOTOTM QUALITY label by Imaging Solutions stands for the production workflow and treatment of premium photo prints, photo books, calendars, panorama posters and other added value photo paper products.

Additionally, the PUREPHOTOTM label includes Soft- und Hardware and consumables, such as glue, as well as scientific and technological analysis and research services related to genuine photo quality.

Imaging Solutions continuously develops solutions for the industrial production and print finishing of value-added photoproducts, including photo books and photo albums, based on real photo paper, according to the PUREPHOTOTM QUALITY philosophy.


Logo Pure Photo Products

In today’s digital world, genuine photo products occupy a special place among printed images. Consumers love to keep their precious memories for many decades to come in beautifully designed photo books or calendars, made of brilliant real photos.

The Imaging Solutions team passionately develops new solutions for the print finishing of these PUREPHOTOTM Products, and provides demonstrations, trainings and sample production at the demo center in Regensdorf, near Zurich in Switzerland.

To set an appointment for a live demonstration, please contact the ISAG-Team here.


ISAG image enhancement software
  • Rich, natural colors
  • Object-specific sharpness enhancement
  • Natural skin tones
  • Brightening without noise amplification
  • Red-eye correction
  • Noise reduction
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